Vendor Benefits

All 2019 vendor registrations require approval.

Indoor: (No A/C)
10’x10’ @ $100.00
Additional 10’x10’ @ $75.00
Electrical (15amps-110v) ea. $25.00
*No Vehicles Indoors

15’x30’ @ $100.00
Corner 15’x30’ @ $200.00
Electrical (15amps-110v) ea. $25.00

Trailer: Awning Depth
20’x30’ @ $150.00
Semi Only: Awning Depth
30’x200’ @ $500.00
Additional Trailer Space @ $400

Additional Vendor 3 day passes $20.00 ea.

Terms: Two Vendor passes will be issued with each 10×10 booth. Credentials are not mailed, they are issued during check-in hours only. No set-up on event days. All spaces not reserved by May 1st, 2019 will be sold first come first served basis.

Placement Process: You must complete a vendor application to be considered for placement at any auction. Once we have received a completed application, your Activation Account Manager will reach out and learn more about your products, customer, price point, and placement preferences.

Hot Rod Super Nationals will assign all spaces, considering longevity as a Hot Rod Super Nationals client, size of desired booth space, and product category.

Event Stats

Show Cars
After Party

Show Cars
After Party

Vendor Application Form

Please fill out the form below and submit for review or you may Download/Print the PDF and mail it to us at:

Hot Rod Super Nationals LLC
4211 King Graves Rd. Vienna, OH 44417
Any further questions call or text 330.883.2644 or email

Comments/Additional Information

Attach Photos (Product & Display): All vendors are asked to submit photos showing a representative sample of your product(s), as well as a photo of your display from any previous events or your intended display at our event (Product Photo #1, Product Photo #2, Product Photo #3, Display/Booth Photo)

Rules and Regulations

The Hot Rod Super Nationals hosts thousands of guests ranging from all ages.  We want the Supernats to be around for years to come. Therefore, we hold our participants to the utmost standards.

Operations and Conduct at the Event

  1. NO vulgar language.
  2. NO alcoholic beverage consumption will be allowed during Hot Rod Super Nationals LLC event.
  3. Any Hot Rod Super Nationals LLC logos used must be approved by Hot Rod Super Nationals.
  4. MUST wear appropriate apparel.
  5. Distribution of any advertising matter or promotional materials in your space is prohibited.
  6. Any trailers or oversized vehicles will be asked to park in the designated area mark as “Trailer Parking.”
  7. Absolutely NO merchandise will be allowed to be sold or promoted.

Registration and Fees

  1. This registration shall be subject to the prior approval of Hot Rod Super Nationals LLC which reserves the right to reject any registration in the best interest of the event.
  2. Please make checks payable to Hot Rod Super Nationals LLC and mail to:
    4211 King Graves Rd.
    Vienna OH 44473


Parking is first-come, first-served if you are not in a group of 15 or more cars that were preregistered with Hot Rod Super Nationals LLC. Spots cannot be saved prior to 10 a.m. after 10 a.m. only your spot that holds your car can be saved.

Please do NOT bring the following onto the grounds:

  1. No pets other than service animals
  2. No alcohol
  3. No drones

Motorized Conveniences

Golf carts, go-carts or any other motorized conveyances are not allowed. (Exceptions made for the disabled; must provide proper paperwork.)

Terms & Conditions


a. The method of determining space assignments shall be established by Hot Rod Super Nationals LLC and may be changed for time to time without notice to Vendors/Exhibitors.
b. Vendor space size request must be specified on this Application. Hot Rod Super Nationals LLC reserves the right to reassign a Vendor location to accommodate event needs.
c. Vendors shall not assign, sublet, share or apportion the whole or any part of the exhibit space they have applied for or are later assigned, except in connection with the sale of Vendor’s business. Notice of the business sale must be made in writing to Hot Rod Super Nationals LLC by the current Vendor or Applicant.


a. NO vulgar language or alcoholic beverage consumption will be allowed during Hot Rods Super National LLC event.
b. Any Hot Rod Super Nationals LLC logo used must be approved by Hot Rod Super National LLC.
c. Vendor personal must wear appropriate appeal.
d. Vendor’s are prohibited to distribute any advertising matter or promotional material other than in their own space/booth.
e. Parking: Vendor’s are required to park in the designated area marked “Vendor Parking”.
f. Trailer Parking: Vendor’s with trailer or oversized vehicles will be asked to par in designated area mark as “Trailer Parking”.
g. Any shipments made to Hot Rod Super Nationals LLC must be done during set up days. NOT during the event days of July 5th-7th 2019. Hot Rod Super Nationals LLC staff WILL NOT sign for any Vendor packages, NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.
h. All Display Vehicles must stay in assigned book space. Absolutely NO in and out driving privileges will be allowed during Hot Rod Super National LLC event. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.
i. Absolutely NO merchandise will be allowed top be sold or promoted in any other place other than your permitted booth space.
j. Booth space must be occupied by Vendor staff during event hours.
k. Any Vendor wishing to hand out or sell food of any kind during the Hot Rod Super National LLC event must have all proper health permits.
l. Hot Rod Super Nationals LLC has the right to inspect any Vendor’s booth at any time during the event (July 5th-7th 2019).
m. The following are not allowed to be promoted or sold in Vendor space (knives, drugs paraphernalia and or any animals).


a. This application shall be subject to the prior approval of Hot Rod Super Nationals LLC which reserves the right to reject any application in the best interest of the event.
b. Make Checks payable to
i. Hot Rod Super Nationals LLC mailing address 4211 King Graves Rd. Vienna OH 44473
c. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS!!! Event will still take place Rain or Shine


a. All display including vehicles must be in place and excess material, cartons a refuse removed by 5pm on the final set-up date.
b. Hot Rod Super Nationals LLC assumes no responsibility for Vendor/Exhibitors materials left unattended during set-up and/or credential pick-up.
c. Set-up is only allowed during the specified set-up days and times. NO set-up is allowed during event days. NO vehicle access to booth areas to drop off product during event days. Credentials must be picked up by 4pm of the final credential pick-up day.
d. Any space not claimed and occupied by 4pm on the final set-up day may be reassigned or resold by Hot Rod Super Nationals LLC; with NO refunds, transfers or credit to be given.
e. Vendor is to provide their own UL extension cords and 3 prong adapters needed for paid electrical service (through Hot Rod Super Nationals LLC). Electrical fees printed on the application form.


a. NO removal of product and/or equipment prior to Sunday tear-down start time.
b. Early tear-down is subject to a $500.00 assessment that must be paid to Hot Rod Super Nationals LLC.
c. Vendor agrees to dismantle their display after the end of the event Sunday.


a. Hot Rod Super National LLC reserves the right to determine eligibility of Vendor/Exhibitors for any event, whether prior to or after Hot Rod Super National LLC acceptance of the Application, and submission of this Application and deposit does not guarantee acceptance by Hot Rod Super Nationals LLC.


a. All Vendor’s who will conduct any Raffle/Sign Up during Hot Rod Super Nationals LLC must share all information collect (Names, Phone Numbers, Addresses) with Hot Rod Super Nationals LLC in a readable format.
i. This must be done within 30 days after the event. All Vendors must have prior approval to conduct any Raffle/Sign Up.

Canfield Fairgrounds Fire Code


The new fire code rules and rules governing concession and privileges must be followed while operating on the fairgrounds.

Blocking Fire Protection Equipment
Units cannot block fire lanes, fire hydrants, or other fire protection equipment. Areas around the fire hydrants shall be kept free of obstructions.

Carbon Monoxide Detection
All units must have at least one (1) listed carbon monoxide detection device.

Portable Fire Extinguishers
All units are required to have at least one 5- pound ABC portable fire extinguisher. Any mobile food unit that utilizes cooking equipment involving solid fuels or vegetable, or animal oils and fats must also have at least one Class K rated portable fire extinguisher.

All units that operate commercial cooking equipment must have at least two means of egress remotely located from each other.

Smoking is prohibited inside all mobile food units. If a mobile food unit has a fuel source other than the vehicle fuel tank, smoking is also prohibited within 10 feet of the unit. All units must have “no smoking” signs conspicuously posted inside and outside the vehicle where compressed gas is stored or kept; the sign(s) must be visible to the public.

Separation Distance
Mobile food units must have a clear space distance of 3 feet (not including awnings) from other mobile food units.


Generators cannot be fueled while the generator is in use.
Generators cannot be fueled until the generator has been turned off and the surface temperature below the autoignition temperature of the fuel.
Only approved metal safety cans shall be used for the storage of fuels.


All tents, covers, awnings, and all decorative materials used in connection with displays shall be flame resistant or flame retarded in a manner approved by the AHJ.

An affidavit or affirmation shall be submitted to the CJFD and a copy retained on the premises, to include the following information:
1. Name and address of the owner of the tent or cover.
2. Date fabric was last treated with flame-resistant solution.
3. Trade name of chemical used for treatment.
4. Name of company treating Material.
5. Name of testing agency and testing standard.

Gasoline, charcoal, or other cooking devices or any other flame shall not be allowed inside of tents or air supported structures.

No hay or straw shall be used as floor covering in any temporary occupancy. As per chapter 24 of local fire code wood chips may be used if approved by the CJFD.

All tent must be secured with stakes driven in the ground and secured with rope.


All electrical equipment in a mobile food unit must be installed in accordance with NFPA 70 (2017).
All electrical wiring in a mobile food unit that is built, manufactured or altered on or after December 15, 2017, must be contained in exposed conduit.
All occupancies and tents shall have a breaker box that meets or exceeds NFPA 70.
All occupancies shall have a driven ground rod, clamp and at least #12 solid wire for a mechanical ground from electrical service or mobile unit.
All electrical equipment and appliances located outside of occupancy shall be grounded in the same manner and up off the ground.
All extensions cord must be in good condition and have a ground pin in place.


All propane tanks must be kept in a secure manner at all times.
The maximum aggregate capacity of LP-Gas containers in a mobile food unit cannot exceed 200 gallons of aggregate water capacity.

Location and Installation
LP-Gas supply systems that are used for a mobile food unit can be installed in one of two locations:
1) outside of the vehicle, or
2) in a recess or cabinet that is vapor tight
Cylinders must be located in such a manner that minimizes exposure to excessive temperature rises, physical damage, and/or tampering.
LP-Gas cylinders must have permanent protection for cylinder valves and connections.
Any device or material used to secure an LP­Gas container must be made of non­-combustible material.

Emergency Shut-off Controls
All units that use LP-Gas must have marked exterior emergency shut-off controls. The controls must be readily distinguishable and accessible and must have a quarter-tum manual gas ball valve.
Emergency shut-off controls must be signed. Signage must be permanently mounted at the location of the controls and must state: “EMERGENCY GAS SHUT-OFF VALVE.” Signage must be clearly visible and must remain unobscured at all times. Signs must be weather resistant and of contrasting colors and must be readable from a distance of 25 feet.

Piping & Connectors
All piping and connectors must meet the 2017 Ohio Fire Code.